You've reached the home of RMLCopyDVD, a simple package containing a set of scripts and a configuration file that can be used to tie together many other packages and programs to copy a double-layer DVD onto single-layer DVD medium. This is useful for backing up your DVD discs to inexpensive single-layer DVD±R(W) media. Please view the on-line documentation for complete details about RMLCopyDVD.

You won't find much here for the time being. There is an RMLCopyDVD developers site also (many thanks to LinuxFromScratch and Bruce Dubbs for hosting the RMLCopyDVD Trac pages and Subversion repository), but there isn't much to see there either. However, the recently released tarballs of RMLCopyDVD are listed below.

Contact the author at <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com> (sorry for the munging, blame the damn spammers)


Released Tarballs

Current Release

July 21st, 2006 - rmlcopydvd-0.4.0.tar.gz [141,663 bytes] [md5sum - 438db0d628c1c1942bddc95f6a55cdc2] [See Changes]

Older Releases

March 20th, 2006 - rmlcopydvd-0.3.0.tar.gz [108,238 bytes] [md5sum - 479b4c9b5b721c67770fa9a5637ccae8]

March 14th, 2006 - rmlcopydvd-0.2.2.tar.gz [103,370 bytes] [md5sum - d4a616d69cf4bec0b1fec75f62e1a68a]

March 8th, 2006 - rmlcopydvd-0.2.1.tar.gz [99,960 bytes] [md5sum - 3052fbc392c6ef88aadd4b902df94e90]

March 7th, 2006 - rmlcopydvd-0.2.0.tar.gz [97,343 bytes] [md5sum - a3af463fc7668fe3b01aa28b51f830cd]

March 6th, 2006 - rmlcopydvd-0.1.2.tar.gz [94,922 bytes]

March 5th, 2006 - rmlcopydvd-0.1.1.tar.gz [94,305 bytes]

SVN Sources

You can also check out the most current SVN version in the repository to a local directory on your computer with this command:

svn co svn://anduin.linuxfromscratch.org/RMLCopyDVD/trunk rmlcopydvd

Note that you must build all the documentation and man pages before you can build the package using SVN checked out sources. Read the comments in the autogen.sh file for instructions.

To view the SVN sources on-line, visit: http://wiki2.linuxfromscratch.org/rmlcopydvd/browser


There are many. The whole purpose of this package is to provide a script that ties together 8-10 other packages. See the README file in the source tarball or the documentation for the complete list. One package in particular is worth mentioning however. If you're one of those that cringe at the idea of installing GTK-1 on your machine, you can stop reading right now. :-)

The dvd::rip package contains a Perl module that does a really good job of ripping DVDs. It has a graphical (though GTK-1) interface and will do much more than just rip DVDs. The biggest issue some folks have it seems is installing one of its dependency Perl modules, Gtk-Perl. Installation of this module is actually quite easy once you know the trick.

To install Gtk-Perl, you must have GTK-1 installed and then download it from CPAN: http://cpan.org/authors/id/M/ML/MLEHMANN/Gtk-Perl-0.7009.tar.gz

Then issue the following commands (the trick is adding the --...-force parameters to the 'perl Makefile.PL' command):

perl Makefile.PL --without-guessing \
                 --with-gdkimlib-force \
make test
make install

The parts of the Gtk-Perl package you need should now be installed. Though there are *many* other components of the Gtk-Perl package, including a complete GNOME-1 kit, you will probably never need them.

Known Bugs



An HTML version of the only stuff there is: rmlcopydvd.shtml


2006-07-21  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Version 0.4.0 released
	* Added commands to the beginning of step 1 to remove any partial
	  .vob files left behind by an unfinished vobcopy step

2006-07-20  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Modified the installation so that if a movie player is
	  specified using --with-player, then the USE_PLAYER parameter
	  is set in the configuration file
	* Added a configuration parameter so a user can be prompted to
	  provide a volume label for the new DVD

2006-07-19  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Updates (mostly all cosmetic) to the autotools scripts

2006-07-18  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Moved all the script sources to a 'src' directory
	* Converted to use a file from the source tree as a completion
	  message at the end of the installation

2006-07-17  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Moved all the documentation to a 'docs' directory
	* Added a parameter to configure to optionally change the docdir
	* Added a hack to bypass a situation in a two-DVD system where
	  the burner device is not identified in /etc/fstab
	* Many modifications to remove redundant 'if' checks
	* Standardized the display of each step's output
	* Moved some error-checks to more appropriate locations in
	  the script
	* Removed the displaying of unnecessary separator bars in
	  between the steps
	* Changed instances referring to the dvd::rip program and
	  replaced them with a generic 'the GUI' program.
	* Removed the 'Copyright_Notice' file from the distribution as
	  it was only used in one file, which now uses a Copyright
	  notice generated by the Makefile

2006-07-14  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Added a hack to bypass a specific 'mplex' error (frame data
	  under-runs) that occurs at the end of multiplexing *some* DVDs
	* Modified configure.ac to require vobcopy >= 1.0.0
	* Updated the 'grep's in the volume discovery name routines to use
	  the new field created using the updated 'vobcopy' program.
	* Redirected the error output from several programs to a 'generic'
	  error file located in the temp directory so that the 'elapsed
	  time' file doesn't collect it (thanks, Dan!)
	* Clarified the explanatory text in the rc file about changing
	  the value of the DVDRIP_PATHNAME variable.
	* Modified the vobcopy file directory path to use the directory
	  specified by the DVDRIP_PATHNAME varibable
	* Unified the names of the initial .vob files created by the
	  three different methods of creating it/them.
	* Added commands to the script to remove any .vob files that may
	  conflict with the ones about to be written to disk
	* Added commands to delete the entire directory tree created if
	  you use dvd::rip to create the initial .vob files
	* Clarified the ending text of each step of the process to 
	  indicate which step just finished

2006-03-20  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Version 0.3.0 released - Many new features

2006-03-19  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Modified the requantisization factor so that the modified video
	  stream will be just a bit larger
	* Added a new parameter to the configuration file so you can modify
	  the requantisization factor to any desired value, or be prompted
	  for it during execution of the script
	* Added a check before the requantisization step so that if the video
	  stream is not large enough to need it, the step is skipped.
	* Added "Testing touch" comments and commented "touch" commands to
	  the script. These can be uncommented, with the actual commands
	  in the script commented out, to test and/or debug the script
	* Minor changes/fixes/cleanups to the script and functions code
	* Many text cleanups in the comments of the script and configuration
	  source files and in the README file

2006-03-18  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Changed bufsize value in the 'growisofs' command from 40m to 32m
	* Added a new parameter to the configuration file that can set a 
	  flag so that you are prompted about doing a simulated DVD-R(W)
	  burn instead of a real burn
	* Added a parameter to the configuration file so that you can modify
	  the options passed to the 'growisofs' command
	* Added additional parameters to the configuration file to allow
	  additional tweaking of the 'mkisofs' command
	* Modified the content of some of the 'mkisofs' parameters so they
	  more accurately describe their designed purposes
	* Echoed the actual commands used during the copy process to the
	  screen if using VERBOSE_OUTPUT
	* Modified the elapsed time output so that only the time data goes
	  into the elapsed time file, anything else is echoed to the screen
	* Added a parameter to the 'mkisofs' command so that all information
	  is logged, and used redirection to divert output from 'growisofs'
	  to a log file

2006-03-17  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Fixed the script so that it actually sets the 'umask' to the
	  value specified in the configuration file

2006-03-14  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Version 0.2.2 released
	* Numerous documentation updates
	* Formatted the HTML documentation so that it is actually
	  presentable now

2006-03-11  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Changed all instances of Randy's LFS email address to a
	  mcmurchy.com address and munged them all

2006-03-08  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Version 0.2.1 released
	* Enabled the WORKFILE_NAME variable so that it actually works now
	* Documentation updates

2006-03-07  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Changed to using the 'eval' method to display the installation
	  directories at the end of configuration, although I'm not
	  thrilled about having to do nested 'eval's to resolve exec_prefix
	* Updated the text in the rmlcopydvdrc file to more accurately
	  reflect the parameter settings

2006-03-07  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Version 0.2.0 released
	* Added logic to the main script to look for the configuration
	  and support files first in the installed location, then in the
	  current working directory, and if they cannot be found, the
	  program is aborted
	* Fixed the make system so that targets are not redundantly made
	  again during 'make install' or if 'make check' is issued
	* Updated the documentation
	* Added a copyright notice to every source file
	* Added an svnclean make target to clean the tree to a pristine
	  SVN checkout

2006-03-06  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Version 0.1.2 released
	* Fixed installation directory screen output when running configure
	  (thanks, Dan!)
	* Fixed so that the DVD_RIP variable in the configuration file is
	  not updated if dvd::rip is not found
	* Changed the DATE_STRING value in the configuration file to comply
	  with the international date format (thanks, Dan!)
	* Provided a check so that auto device discovery doesn't think a
	  CD-ROM or other non-DVD device is a DVD drive (thanks, Dan!)
	* Added a patch from Dan Nicholson to properly assign devices if
	  the devices are set in the rc file (thanks, Dan!)
	* Added a THANKS file to the distribution

2006-03-05  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Version 0.1.1 released
	* Added Autotool configuration/installation

2006-03-01  Randy McMurchy  <rmlcopydvd**AT**mcmurchy**DOT**com>

	* Version 0.1.0 released
	* first release

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